PDO/PDS Threads


Founded in Switzerland in 2013 and has succeeded for five years.

MEDiTHREAD MEDICAL GROUP participates in all areas of equipment design, OEM manufacturing, research, and development for PDS (or PDO – Polydioxanone) absorbable threads and other devices for the medical aesthe- tic market. Its market was built upon the idea of introducing a new technique that can be integrated perfectly with techniques that the practitioners use already.


You may need support in setting up the new technolo- gies. MEDITHREAD has you covered assisting you in the process of transition and offer support with clinical training.

Safe, specific protocols are available to help you use the MEDiTHREAD techniques with confidence and professionalism.

The clinical group MEDITHREAD works with you to help you accomplish the full potential of our products in the context of your business. This partnership will allow us to better understand your needs, and to work with new concepts resulting in the availability of new treatment options for your clients. MEDiTHREAD aspires to establish a close communication with clients.


Polydioxanone (PDO, PDS) or poly-p-dioxanone is a colorless, crystalline, biodegradable synthetic polymer. Due to KFDA regulations threads must be made violet.


  • Strength
  • Uniformity of the caliber
  • Handling and poor memory
  • Good biological tolerability
  • Totally absorbable by hydrolysis (begins after 10-15 days, completed in 180 days)
  • Reabsorption by lymphatic Totally safe


Clinical observation showed that PDO (polydioxanone) threads increase the synthesis of endogenous hyaluronic acid and improves local microcirculation. In short, it stimulates production of new collagen protein which results in increased elasticity and firmness of the skin.

Biostimulation is a new approach that can lift the face, neck and body. Insertion of the powerful synthetic fiber, consisting of a smooth filament, which is absorbed in the tissue leaves the skin firmer, more elastic and better hydrated.


MEDiTHREAD’s technique of naturally sculpting the face using the tension lines of the skin, causes an effect similar to surgical facelifts. MEDiTHREAD PDO suture limit the strength of the facial muscle and stimulates the effect of botulinum toxin with the advantage that the thre- ads do not paralyze the muscle giving a more natural look.


The effects of using MEDiTHREAD PDO suture as a treatment are: rejuvenation, lifting effect, toning of the tissue, wrinkle improvement, hydrated skin. When using MEDITHREAD PDO threads, you will see immediate improvements in the appearance of the skin.

After two weeks the body starts synthesis of natural protein of the body (elastin and collagen). Production of natural proteins continues up to 6 months until the PDO thread absorption (hydrolysis) is complete.

Due to the meaningful endogenous stimulation generated by our PDO thread the aesthetic effect can lasts up to 18 months. The time it takes to absorb and the thread diameter prevents the risk of skin thickening and scaring, which is not easy to avoid in other biocompatible materials.


MEDiTHREAD’s PDO / PDS (polydioxanone) suture does not require anesthesia and has a low inflammatory re- action. PDO is a well-used material for suture in most pediatric cardiac surgery and is a completely safe medi- cal device as well as being completely absorbable and hypoallergenic. PDO contains no heavy metals and has no significant side effects..


We have engineered packaging that contains fewer uni- ts. Each package lets you utilize all the products of a sin- gle pack instead of being forced to use a large amount of product in a single procedure. Having fewer units lea- ves the rest of your inventory preserved in closed sterile packs.

Furthermore, all MEDiTHREAD’s PDO threads are now in tropicalized sterile packs. Tropicalized packs revolu- tionize storing products due to its aluminum membrane which provides greater protection against high humidity and changing temperatures.


MEDiTHREAD needles have the same outer diameter of traditional needles but having a bigger bore (inner) diameter allowing patients to feel less pain and makes the needle more flexible so easier to place in not even surfaces.

Having a bigger bore allows for a thicker thread to be placed in the needle and gives more space to retract the needle without thread catching. This is why MEDITHREAD needles are the best!