MEDiTHREAD MEDICAL GROUP was founded in Switzerland in 2013 and has succeeded for five years.

MEDiTHREAD is a market leader in the field of engineering, manufacture, distribution and assistance for medical devices for human and veterinary use. The systems are manufactured using highly innovative technologies:

  • PDO/PDS threads
  • Carboxy & Oxygen therapy
  • Electrosurgery
  • Mandelic Peeling

All products are developed by a team of engineers, physics and specialist medics, comprising surgeons, dermatologists, veterinary surgeons, medical researchers and university centers. The know-how acquired by MEDiTHREAD is based on a strategic combination of a well-established knowledge and experience of the reference markets. A profound awareness of end user requirements has compelled MEDiTHREAD to achieve an ability to meet the demands of a dynamic market though the development of innovative technologies.